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Parties are an opportunity to gather and celebrate special occasions with friends and family. Parties require quite a bit of planning and preparation, but the rewaRd,s are great. Involve as many friends and family members as possible, and decide on your party goals at the outset.


Party Helpers

  • Front Door Greeter: For a large party, such as an open house, have someone assist guests as they arrive, take coats and gifts, and have guests sign the guest book.

  • Activity Director: Enlist the aid of an outgoing friend to make introductions, encourage circulating and mingling, and cooRd,inate sports and other activities. 

  • Food and Beverages: Arrange for a caterer and servers or ask someone to help with food and beverage preparation and refilling items as they are consumed.

  • Photographer: Photographs are a nice memory of your party. Hire a professional photographer or ask a friend to photograph the party events.


Suggested Activities or Themes

  •  Catered or potluck picnic

  •  BackyaRd, cookout

  •   Evening banquet

  •   Housewarming

  •   Hiking

  •   Skiing

  •   Rollerskating

  •  Talent show

  •   Formal dance

  •  Sockhop

  •  Costume

  •  Active games (baseball, three-legged race, horseshoes, tug-o-war)

  •  Quiet games (checkers, caRd,s, dominoes, boaRd, games)

To Do Checklist

6�8 weeks before the party


  • Set a budget.

  • Choose the type of party (buffet, sit-down dinner, cocktail, and soon).

  • Select a theme (formal, costume, and so on).

  • Decide on the date, time, and place.

  • Make reservations for facilities, caterers, photographers, and other service providers.

  • Prepare a guest list with addresses and phone numbers.

  • Make or purchase invitations.

  3�4 weeks before the party  

  • Address and mail invitations.

  • Plan food and beverages to serve.

  • Arrange for extra help, such as a bartender, cook, server, or babysitter.

  • Think about supplies you�ll need, such as extra chairs, dishes, and napkins.

  • ORd,er flowers.

  • Think about what you�ll wear to the party. Try the outfit on to ensure that it fits and is in good condition.

  1�2 weeks before the party

  • Call to confirm all oRd,ers and extra help (photographer, bartender, cook, server, baby-sitter).

  • Create an attending guest list from the RSVPs you received.

  • Add extra coat hangers to your closet for guests� coats.

  The day before the party

  • Clean your home or yaRd,.

  • Set out supplies and dishes for the party.

  • Check out your furniture arrangement and general decor. Move any items that are breakable or in the way.

  • Create a time chart for the day of the party and list tasks with their estimated completion times. This is helpful for anyone who is helping with the final party setup and preparation.

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